FIT (adjective) appropriate
suitable, acceptable, or appropriate for a purpose
HEALTHY (adjective) functioning well
in a prosperous and efficient condition




 F&H  SYSTEMS  aim is to assist you with your understanding and the implications of Information Management and Technology (IM&T) in the workplace today, irrespective of your business size or operating sector

 F&H  SYSTEMS  analytical services can be integrated to provide a whole or focused review of your current IT management structure, service provision, systems configuration and applications usage, to ensure synergy of processes and procedures at all levels to efficiently meet the needs of your business

 F&H  SYSTEMS  project management services can be utilised for full life cycle projects from initial IT product selection (proof-of-concept) through procurement, commissioning and handover into live environment operation

 F&H  SYSTEMS  provide an IT snagging service investigating the causes of IT issues with existing service, systems and/or applications providing reports as to appropriate recommendation for resolution

 F&H  SYSTEMS  offer the services described above as either one-off episodes as required, or an annual support contract providing a programme mix of continual services to your specification

 F&H  SYSTEMS  are qualified ITIL and Prince2 Practitioners trained, having gained many years of public sector (Local Government, Education and National Health Service) and private sectors (Banking, Manufacturing and Service Industries) experience with qualifications to Masters Degree level

So if you have an interest in remote stock control for silo grain storage, hospital theatre patient costing, digital signage marketing, or effective corporate web presence, to name a few.... please contact  F&H  SYSTEMS


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